Antibacterial hand cream

In a word, yes!


The hands are one part of the body that is exposed in a variety of ways during the course of a typical workday.



You should do what you can to maintain optimal hand health. Even though hand sanitizer and soap are the most effective ways to clean your hands, they also dry them out. A lotion can keep your hands soft, but it won't keep the germs away. 
Imagine you could get both at once.
Here, we'd like to introduce you to the New Pushp Amrit the power of India Anti-Bacterial Hand cream that will assist you in this endeavor.
It's a specialized cream that moisturizes the skin for softer hands and has a germ protection formula that kills bacteria instantly, so you can go about your day without worrying about spreading germs.
Natural ingredients like Honey and Bees Wax both known for their antibacterial properties, are combined with a specialized formulation to create a product that keeps hands clean and healthy while also keeping them soft and moisturized thanks to the inclusion of glycerin and the conditioning properties of vitamin E as well as shea butter.
Therefore, these aid in forming a protective layer and maintaining moisture, even after repeated hand washings, which helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. The cream-based formula won't leave hands greasy or sticky.
Clients have been overwhelmingly complimentary of our new wares.
We assure you that our high standards are never lowered.
Team Pushp Amrit the power of India